These are the top frequently asked Java interview questions and answers that has been asked in many MNC Interviews.
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1) What is difference between JDK,JRE and JVM?


JVM is an acronym for Java Virtual Machine, it is an […]

Constructor in Java

Definition :
A Constructor is a block code , Special types of method that is called when an instance of an object is created.

Difference between constructor and method :

Constructor does not have return type
The name of the constructor will be same as the name of the class.
In class, the unlike method and constructor […]

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Loop Control

Loop control Definition :
A loop control is defined as the block of statement which is repeatedly executed for a certain number of times. There are three types of loops: While , for and do-while.
Why we use Loop ? 
When we need to execute a block of code at several time that time we use looping concept […]

Modifiers in Java

Modifier are keyword that are added to  those definition to change their meaning.
Java has a two types of modifier,

                    I. Access Control Modifier.
                   II. Non-Access Modifier.

Access Control Modifier
Java provide access modifier to control access levels for classes, […]

Types of variable in Java

Types of Variable in Java :

Variable is a name of memory location. Variable is the name of reversed area allocated in memory ,It is a combination of “vary + able” that means its value can be changed. 

 In each variables having a specific types and its determine the size and layout ,the range of the memory […]

Java Basic DataTypes

Data Types in Java :

Data type is a special key word , which is used to allocate sufficient memory space for the data, in other words Data type is used for representing the data in main memory (RAM) of the computer.

It can be specifies the size and type of values that can be stored in an […]

Object and Class in Java

Object and Class in JAVA

In this blog ,we will learn  about Java Objects .In Object Oriented programming techniques ,here we are going to design a program by using Objects and Class.

Object is the physical and logical entity
Class is the logical entity .


It  have states and behavior is known as Object […]




JRE is a”set of tools” for developing  Java application.Its was originally developed by Sun Microsystems(Oracle Corporation ).It is also combine the JVM ,Supporting libraries,platform core class.

JRE is lesser  space then JDK .so,it has lesser space .

The JRE includes,

1-Java web start

2-java plug-in


It is known as JRE (Java Runtime Environment ).

Where the JRE used […]


What is Java ?
Java is High level programming language ,it was developed by  Sun Microsystem in the year of 1991.It was originally developed by James Gosling  at Sun Microsystemz. Java was developed by a small team of Engineers, it is known as GREEN TEAM .
OAK is the original language of java and at the time […]